Himalayan Crossroads invites you to come and immerse yourself in Nepal through custom made programs carefully crafted to suit your interest in the medical or social sectors.  We offer a wide range of services from healthcare internships, to social justice programs, to cultural exploration and volunteerism. Put together by a staff with over 20 years of experience, these profound encounters are put together with a lot of integrity and intention.  We have long standing relationships with the individuals and communities with whom we collaborate and work and offer unique opportunities to have a deep, meaningful and impactful experience in this extraordinary Himalayan country.


Sweta Gurung
Founder/Executive Director

Sweta grew up in the Kathmandu valley and founded Himalayan Crossroads after over ten years working with international students and educators as a cross-cultural facilitator and experiential educator. Traveling as an educator on American study abroad programs through remote areas of Nepal, Sweta was struck by the inadequacy of medical care and decided to found Himalayan Crossroads as a way to bring awareness and western medical expertise to Nepal. She also has a deep appreciation for Nepal's medical traditions and has established Himalayan Crossroads as a way of promoting understanding of Ayurvedic and Tibetan medicine.

Adrian Smith
Programming Director

Adrian has made Nepal his home for the past 17 years, directing study abroad programs for American students, exploring remote Himayalan communities, studying Buddhism, and apprenticing as a stone carver. With over 14 years of experience working with international students in Nepal, Adrian brings to Himalayan Crossroads demonstrated experience in developing transformational learning experiences, facilitating cultural immersion, and a love of learning and teaching.

Wiebke Nedel
Director of Social Justice Programs

Originally from Germany, Wiebke lives between Nepal and South Africa; and works as a free-lance facilitator worldwide. Wiebke devotes her work and life to the field of personal development and leadership in a global context. She has MA in Education and is a trained Wilderness,Mountain and Vision Quest guide with 20 years of facilitation experience with youth and adults in many countries. Wiebke’s expertise and passion lies in the development and facilitation of global learning on Social Justice through experiential methodology.

Nisha Gurung
Director of Language Instruction

Nelson Mandela said: “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.” Learning a local language by far can be the most challenging yet rewarding experience. Nisha Gurung has been teaching Nepali language to foreign students for over a decade now. She is an excellent instructor with deep understanding of different cultures and way of life. Nisha is one of the kindest and the most patient teachers you will come across.



We are located in the historic town of Patan in the Kathmandu Valley. Amidst buildings and architecture well over 100 years old, Patan is home to many ancient enduring festivals , such as the nightly religious celebrations which keep this town vibrant and festive.  Our neighborhood is rich with artisans of all kinds displaying their artistic mastery on canvas and in wood, stone, brass and bronze.  Himalayan Crossroads operates out of Patan because of its cultural history and more importantly, because it is a community of people who are aspiring to maintain a healthy balance of heritage preservation and tourism.  Patan is also conveniently located 20 minutes away from the center of Kathmandu.