Social Justice and Social Work in practice -
A personal, professional and cultural dive into Nepal.

Our Vision:

The Himalayan Crossroads Social Justice Program aims to inspire people worldwide to become local and global agents of change.  We are developing global learning communities and conscious global citizenship amongst academics, professionals, and youth by creating a platform for journeys of leadership and learning, with dialogue and exchange across sectors, disciplines, and countries.

 The Program

The Himalayan Crossroads Social Justice Program offers custom designed courses usually between 2 and 3 weeks in duration that use community immersion to create unique and inspiring learning experiences. These experiences are intended to be paradigm shifting, life changing, and personally and professionally impactful.  Through meetings with Nepali colleagues involved in social justice issues, our groups will be introduced to their work before opening and extending the conversation to its broader cross cultural and global dimensions.  This dialogue is intended to reveal new perspectives, establish new connections and resources, and above all to inspire all participants to continue their work in promoting and working toward issues of social justice in their own communities and where possible, extending them into a global context.

In our 20 years of experience we have found that wilderness settings offer the space and inspiration to clear habitual assumptions and ways of thinking and promote fresh perspectives, as well a space to assimilate new experiences.  With this is mind and with the world’s most dramatic mountain landscape in our backyard, we use wilderness as a place for our local and international participants to meet and develop strong relationships and partnerships.  In addition to promoting cross cultural dialogue, our courses foster personal agency and responsibility.  Our key interests are issues of Social Justice and how Nepal – its people, its social sector, its government, and its society- responds to the prevalent and ever changing landscapes of social and economic challenges.  Questions of purpose, relevance, performance, and delivery of services are explored.

For applying and more information on program details please contact us.