Himalayan Crossroads aims to inspire people worldwide to become local and global change agents. Our programs on Health Care Internships, Cultural Exploration and Social Justice are that platform for any individual or group to step outside of their comfort zone and participate in a powerful exchange.

Co-created by a staff with over 20 years of experience, these profound encounters are put together with a lot of integrity and intention in order for you to have a deep, meaningful and impactful experience in Nepal.


A mosaic of diverse culture and geography, Nepal offers immeasurable opportunities to immerse in cultural exploration. Our programs encompass hands-on learning with the locals. Placements usually range from 2 weeks to 6 months, but can be tailored to fit your time frame as well.

Himalayan Crossroads Cultural Exploration programs are designed to be a two-way exchange where the participants as well as the local community benefit from the partnership.

Apart from giving you the best placement according to your needs, we offer orientation upon arrival, language instruction and home-stay to make your experience efficient, effective and enjoyable.

Our cultural exploration opportunities are listed below. Please write to us if there is a topic you are interested in that is not listed here. With our vast network of connection and expertise, we feel confident that we will be able to assist you with your curiosity.

  • Religion& Philosophy (Hinduism & Buddhism)
  • Yoga
  • Artisans of the valley (Wood carving, stone carving, brass and bronze casting, thangka painting, street art)
  • Musical tradition of Nepal
  • Nepali cooking
  • Community farming
  • Gender issues
  • Women’s studies


Himalayan Crossroads offers internship opportunities in traditional medicine (Ayurvedic and Tibetan) as well as western medicine.  Placements usually range from 2 weeks to 6 months, but can be tailored to fit your time frame as well.

Our internship opportunities in healthcare are designed to be a two-way exchange program where the participants as well as the local community benefit from the partnership. The participants will receive a placement in one of the country’s reputed hospitals, clinics or non-profit organizations and will work under direct supervision of the some of the country’s most professional practitioners.

Apart from giving you the best placement according to your needs, we offer language instruction, comfortable accommodation, as well as staff to prepare local and western meals, safe drinking water and internet access to make your experience efficient, effective and enjoyable. 


Nepal is one of the best destinations for medical internships as there is an insufficient number of medical practitioners to meet the wide range of medical issues that Nepali people face every day. Nepal is a small nation with a diverse group of people, cultures and a landscape which makes access to medical care challenging or unavailable to many Nepalis. Hospitals in Kathmandu are under staffed and the influx of patients from across the nation overwhelm the capacity of the facilities and staff. Working in hospitals in Nepal is a powerful emotional experience where your skills will be greatly valued as well as tested.

Physical Therapy
Occupational Therapy

Well before western medicine found its way into this small Himalayan nation, people had relied upon the knowledge of traditional healers. Ayurveda and Tibetan medicine are centuries-old traditional medical systems with complex approaches to diagnosis, treatment and understanding of illnesses.  In traditional medicine, a greater emphasis is on promoting health rather than simply diagnosing illness.  Health is seen to stem from the balance of the relationship between the mind and the body and an individual’s relationship to the natural world.  Likewise, illness is seen as an imbalance or an aberration from the normal state of health.  Both Ayurveda and Tibetan medicine are embedded in the spiritual traditions they emerged from and an understanding of these world views is essential in understanding even the diagnosis and treatment of individual patients. 

Please contact us for further information or if you have any questions. If you do not see the internship of your interest, please write to us about your preferred department and area of medical specialty.  We will do our best to find a match for your interest.

Tibetan Medicine
Ayurvedic Medicine

The rural communities in Nepal are the most vulnerable with inadequate medical facilities, awareness and education. Himalayan Crossroads brings medical health camps to villages to raise awareness and train the local community and even the health post workers in basic sanitation, nutrition and wound management.

You can choose to add a rural health-care internship to your program for an extraordinary experience of the health-care system and way of life in the villages of Nepal.


Social Justice and Social Work in practice -
A personal, professional and cultural deep dive into Nepal.

Our Vision:

The Himalayan Crossroads Social Justice Program aims to inspire people worldwide to become local and global change agents.  We are developing global learning communities and conscious global citizenship amongst academics, professionals and youth by creating a platform for leadership learning journeys with dialogue and exchange across sectors, disciplines and countries.

The Program

The Himalayan Crossroads Social Justice Program offers custom designed courses usually between 2 and 3 weeks in duration that use wilderness immersion and community immersion to create unique and inspiring learning experiences. These experiences are intended to be paradigm shifting, life changing and personally and professionally impactful.  Through meetings with Nepali colleagues involved in social justice issues, our groups will be introduced to their work before opening and extending the conversation to its broader cross cultural and global dimensions.  This dialogue is intended to reveal new perspectives, establish new connections and resources, and above all to inspire all participants to continue their work in promoting and working toward issues of social justice in their own communities and in a global context.

In our 20 years of experience we have found that wilderness settings offer the space and inspiration to clear habitual assumptions and ways of thinking and promote fresh perspectives.  With this is mind and with the most dramatic mountain landscape in the world in our backyard, we use wilderness as a place for our local and international participants to meet and develop strong relationships and partnerships.  In addition to promoting cross cultural dialogue our course fosters personal agency and responsibility.  Our key interests are issues of Social Justice and how Nepal – its people, its social sector, its government and society- respond to the prevalent and ever changing landscape of social and economic challenges.  Questions of purpose, relevance, performance and delivery of services are explored.

For applying and more information on program details please contact us.